virtual presenter

The virtual presenter is an impressive evolution of traditional digital display signage. It offers tomorrow’s technology today.

It uses rear projection film on a glass substrate and a high-power LED projector.

The compact, highly visible technology delivers a totally one-off holographic experience. Yet the ways to use it are endless: hotel receptions, airports, retail point of sale, conferences, educational exhibits, and more.

Guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, Maya is able to deliver consistent messaging 24/7, in any language, and will enable you to display different content at multiple locations if you so wish.

System information

Because the virtual presenter is often used in receptions and at conferences and exhibitions the LED projector comes in a lockable and tamperproof casing, ideal when leaving the screen on its own to wow passersby.


  • For brands

You can create fully branded, instantly engaging and highly visible virtual avatars. Imagine. Your avatar: mounted on a stylish counter with custom graphics designed to fit with your branding, which can be applied to the counter fascia and the casing that houses the LED projector.

  • For objects

not limited to virtually displaying a person. From jet engines to test tubes and even your company logo, we can customise the shape of the holographic screen to fit any shape you want.